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MCN Competition – 2nd prize

MCN Competition – 2nd prize

The Małopolska Science Center will be built in one of the last such extensive open areas in the city, historically located between the dense urban clusters of Krakow, and the new housing estates of Czyżyny and Nowa Huta. The plot is located in an area designated as a ventilation corridor for the city and has high natural and scenic values.
The main challenge of the project was to create an iconic object, with a strong form and representative character, in a context that excludes metropolitan buildings.

Guided by the above criterion, the project of the Małopolska Cultural Center is treated as a part of the existing landscape. The green roof, fully accessible all year round grows” from the open landscape of the nearby Aviation Museum towards a more urbanized surrounding to the north.

This project has been awarded 2nd prize in an international competition.

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Krakow - Poland

Project Area:

20,500 sqm