It’s more then a passion  project. It’s more then a creative vision realized. It’s AIM.

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Al-Modon Mixed Used

Al-Modon Mixed Used

Currently under construction in Riyadh, Al Modon Development combines places to live, work and shop with public plaza and outdoor cafe. The 41,000 Sqm breaks with the established model of development in the area, creating an innovative mixed-use destination in a predominantly residential and retail district of the city. The Building is cladded with local natural red stone coming for the north desert region of Saudi. The perforated façade allow for the play of light between indoor and outdoor space. The volume of the buildings is organised around Arabic courtyards shaded from sun with perforated cladding.

A central shaded landscaped public plaza creates a gathering area for retail shoppers and outdoor facility with adjacent café for resting for the residence and shoppers. The top floors houses the residences, while ground and mezzanine floor serve as luxury retail units, Natural ventilation is enhanced by the creating internal courtyards, as well as by a series of voids within each block, which promote cross-ventilation.

The accommodation is grouped around central cores and ranges from three to four-bedroom apartments, both single and duplex, enhancing the sense of individuality and choice.

Project Type:

Mixed Use - Retail/ Residential


Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Project Area:

41,000 sqm